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Value Objects
Server SideValidation
Error Handling
Front Component

Listed below are the different type of component services that are provided by RAD tool. These are only the current services. 

Value Objects

Value objects are made available in three flavours of simple wrapper classes in RAD- structure, mutable, immutable. Its always possible to change the type of the wrapper. In addition these wrapper classes can have additional convenience methods like equals(). All the features of the wrapper classes are specified declaratively.

Server Side Validation

Server side validation and population of these wrapper class instances is done by builder classes. The rules for server side vliadation are specified declaratively. There is no need to write any code for this purpose.

Error Handling

In case the submitted form data is invalid the error information is added to an Errors object by the RAD framework. There is no need to write any code for this purpose. The actual error messages are in resource bundle property files.

Front Component

The form submissions are mapped to various Handler classes using a controller.xml file. A central controller servlet is used as the front component. 


Handler classes are written by hand as of now and are used mainly to write the business logic for persistence.  However security information, the actual builder class to use and various other details are specified declaratively. Handler classes can also be used to specify logic that could not be covered declaratively.


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