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Listed below are the chief features.

MVC Framework

RAD takes advantage of the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern to facilitate maintenance, extensibility, flexibility, and encapsulation by decoupling software layers from one another. It also utilizes a Front Component Central Servlet to simplify implementation and maintenance of user interface presentation and workflow.

Modular Code Generator

Code generation is for various components of the application. There exist code generators of various kinds. However in RAD the generated code of different component types co-exist in the same framework and can work together for the objective of the entire application. Code generation in RAD tool is not about skeleton code with placeholders for actual logic. (RAD itself is built / being built in a modular manner).

Code Library

The generated code itself reuses a code-library.  Efficiency  is always the main consideration.

Declarative configuration of components.

All components built on the RAD tool can be configured declaratively. Many of the components' features can also be configured post deployment or code generation by just changing the meta-data.


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